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Kit Pictures

by @ 11:53 am on October 10, 2011.

Well, I’m officially calling Bravo’s litter a success. This is day 3, and all 11 kits are still alive, warm, and fed. Not the best picture – little thing didn’t want to hold still. But they all appear to have full bellies like this (actually they were a little fuller yet earlier this morning), so I’m content.


But now I have a new issue to worry about. I’m about positive this first litter is all Bravo’s. Yesterday I noticed some fresh pulled fur on the floor of the cage. Then last night a new nest appeared. The part I’m worried about? This new nest is in the same box as Bravo’s kits, just built behind them. Twice I tried to move Bravo’s kits further back, and twice they ended up back at the front. So I decided to leave well enough alone there. But now I’m nit sure whether I should be worried about Charlie’s new nest stuck in behind Bravo’s or not. Will have to consult the Rabbit Talk gurus.


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