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More Flowers

by @ 12:01 pm on September 14, 2005.

I think I need to find something more interesting to take pictures of than flowers. Or at least somehow expand my photos beyond the back yard. Ah, well. It’s here, it’s convenient, it works. I didn’t get anything too fascinating on its own, but I played with some Photoshop effects, and ended up with a few neat things.

In this first photo, I magic lassoed the center flower, then selected the inverse to apply the effect only to the background. I thought this one was just rather interesting the way the flower looks real, and then looks like it’s glued into something clearly fake. Or, if you relax your eyes a bit, it could almost be floating on some very reflective water. Either way, I like the contrast between the flower and the background.


This was actually the effect I applied first, using the same technique described above. The effect itself isn’t quite so obvious, but it added to the picture by bringing the things at the bottom of the photo more info focus while making what’s in the back more grainy. I think it adds some interesting depth to the photo, more than having just the flower in focus, and everything else in the background out of focus.


This third one, well, it’s something to post. Really, I liked it better before it was resized. Almost to me at this point it looks like someone got loose with a paintbrush and just dabbed big grey spots over the centers of some of the flowers. Oh, well. I went to the trouble of framing the thing, so I’m posting it. So there.


And finally we have my favorite photo of the bunch. Same original photo as the image above, but different effect applied. I think this one really looks like a Monet painting. Or some rich and famous (and likely dead) artist, at any rate.


Now that school (and life in general) is finally calming down a bit, hopefully I can find time to take and post more photos. Life hit pretty hard there for a while. It was like if life were a monkey, it climbed up on my back and started doing a lively Irish jig, ya know, the kind with the serious foot stomping, while banging symbols against my head just for the fun of it. Said monkey, at least for the moment, seems to have exhausted himself and is napping quietly in the corner, saving up his strength for the next round. So for now at least, life is good again.

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